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Family Entertainment (FEC) Development

Working with your project team, our Iplayco sales and CAD designers
makes your project easier and saves your money.

FEC design, consulting and implementation from Start to Finish.

You give us the space to work with and we give you the keys to your own exciting business. In founding Iplayco, we wanted to break away from the norm to provide a more rewarding experience for kids. “Lets create things that are good for the children to interact with and let the minds be creative, that’s a big part of what we do, whether its theming, unique shapes or play events”, quoted Scott Forbes, President at International Play Company.

Iplayco uses their own FEC for research and development purposes to see which of its products guests enjoy more, and maybe more important, it’s a training site for people considering opening a similar facility. Dozens of customers, some from as far away as Mexico and Europe have visited The Great Escape to learn firsthand how to run a FEC.

Iplayco offers a vast turnkey service that covers the business plan, financing, operations, design, training and marketing.

By mixing interactivity and theming as well as putting an equal importance on creativity and aesthetics, Iplayco has earned a loyal customer base, it’s products can be found in more than 60 countries around the world.

Comment by our CFO at International Play Company

Max Liszkowski • Seeing is believing. Iplayco has an awesome FEC that has been operating for 4 years now. The kids (my daughter included) just love it. The idea behind this was not only to showcase Iplayco’s product, but more importantly was to get a thorough understanding of what it takes operate an FEC (to really understand what our customers experience). How can anyone offer you advice if they themselves haven’t experienced it and don’t really know what they are talking about. An investment in an FEC is for most owner managers their livelihood, which required significant investment to start-up, not to mention considerable time, effort and the stress that comes with it. If you are planning on entering the FEC business, do your research and talk to those who live and breathe this stuff.

I’m not aware of any other play structure/soft play manufacturer that can offer a turnkey solution like Iplayco, because no competitor that I’m aware of operate their own FEC.