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Increasingly, vibrant children’s ministries have shown to play a significant role in the maintenance and growth of worshipers within a church congregation. Both feedback and experience indicates the importance of creating a space within a church for children to learn, move and grow which in turn creates a sense of excitement and belonging. Including a children’s play structure within a children’s ministry area can greatly enhance the overall experience of families with children and help create opportunities for revenue generating programs to be added and developed as well.

International Play Company is a world-wide leader in the custom design and manufacturing of indoor play structures as well as theming for toddlers, school age children and young adults. We offer a unique approach in providing exciting, imaginative and interactive play areas to family friendly businesses, organizations and institutions. Whether you’re looking to educate, entertain, promote exercise or transform a space with innovative visual appeal, our skilled team of professionals will provide you with the best solution for your specific need.

The overall concept of our play structure design is to engage as many children as possible in a variety of play-on and static attractions. Our designs are highly interactive with a number of challenging events for children while encouraging self esteem and healthy development in specified age groups. Usage consideration with regards to these groups focuses on encompassing both their physical and social abilities.

There are four major informal learning factors that we consider in each design the company produces. They are:
Physical Development
Cognitive Development
Emotional Development
Cultural Development.

Our trendsetting design and creativity will most likely stop you in your tracks, but at International Play Company (Iplayco) it’s quality and safety that come first. That’s why our structures meet or exceed all standards set forth by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), American Disabilities Act (ADA), International Playground Equipment Manufacturing Association (IPEMA) and the Canada Safety Association (CSA).

For over a decade, International Play company has made innovation a key priority. We research and respond to changing trends, global influences and emerging technologies. The result of this effort is evident in the diversity and scale of projects that we build each year which number in the thousands and are located in over 40 countries worldwide.


When considering play structure quality, safety, creativity, innovation and just plain fun, International Play Company is sure to meet or exceed all your requirements.