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Extreme Makeover Builds a Home for the Piestewas

International Play Company was involved in this fantastic project in regards to the children’s play room.

TV show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition aired the season finale–a two-hour special episode about the extreme makeover of the Lori Piestewa family home.

Lori Piestewa was the first American woman killed in the Iraqi war. Her supply convoy was ambushed, and she died on March 23, 2003. Her best friend and roommate, Jessica Lynch, became a POW and was later rescued.

Lori Piestewa was a single mother of two young children. She lived in Tuba City, Arizona on the reservation. Lori was a Hopi Indian. After her death, her mother and father committed to raising her two children. They lived from paycheck to paycheck in an older, run-down mobile home. They owned the home, but not the land.

Jessica Lynch and Lori Piestewa had a pact. They agreed that if anything happened to either one of them, that the other would make sure that the family was cared for. Jessica Lynch went a step beyond–she applied to Extreme Makeover: Home Edition to fulfill Lori’s dream: a home where her entire family could live together and be happy. They accepted her application, declaring this to be the most challenging Extreme Makeover yet. They had one week.